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Disc-4tex Glass Bowl Blue

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Disc-4tex Glass Bowl Blue
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Height: 11cm
Base diameter: 4 cm
Head diameter: 4.5 cm
Color: Blue

16,47 EUR
14,13 EUR

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Product no.: 73110

This head is a revised version of the 4tex-glass head. Now with 12 large vents to a super draft. In addition, the Dome has been extended by one of the slots to minimize filth.

Compatible with the Firebug Heat Management device!

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Alu Foil Piercer Single

Alu Foil Piercer Single

Details about Alu Foil Piercer Single:

Entire length: ca. 12.5cm
Length of the needle: ca. 3cm
- with key ring

To produce a good drag on the hookah it is crucial to have the aluminium foil over the tobacco properly pierced. The optimal tool for that is this piercer. With one single needle (Single).

from 4,09 EUR (16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
Firebug Heat Management Device

Firebug Heat Management Device

Details about the Firebug Heat Management Attachment for tobacco bowls:

Now with a better drag-through, by means of openings in the lid, the sides and in the bottom.
Wooden handles on the base and on the lid.

Height: about 4cm
Base diameter: about 6cm
Filling height: approx. 27mm
Filling diameter: approx. 38mm
Handle length: approx. 25mm
Material: aluminum

By turning the lid you adjust the size of the side slits and thus influences the ventilation and the smoking pleasure.

9,65 EUR (16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)

This product is compatible with:

Dots Tube Glass Smoke-Stem 29.2 to 29.2

Dots Tube Glass Smoke-Stem 29.2 to 29.2

Details for Dots Tube Glass Smoke-Stem

Height with cut:
ca 19cm
Height without cut:
ca 16cm
Cut: 29.2 male to 29.2 female

Suited e.g. for Calabash and La Coppa with equivalent 29.2er cuts.

This glass smoke shaft may be used in combination with a

  • glass plate
  • Accessories with 29.2 standrad ground joint
  • Konik bowl adapter for 29.2 ground joints

from 17,45 EUR (16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
Skeleton hookah glass bowl

Skeleton hookah glass bowl

Details about the hookah bowl of the Skeleton Glass-Hookah:

Height: ca. 18cm
Diameter: ca. 13,5cm
Width: ca. 22cm
Cuts: 2 x 18.8,
                1 x 29.2
Hose stations: 2

43,87 EUR (16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
Blue ELOX 30CM Tradi Flash Black 2S

Blue ELOX 30CM Tradi Flash Black 2S

The Blue ELOX 30CM Tradi Flash Black 2S consists of:

- 1 Aluminum Plug-In Base with Closed Chamber and
- 1 Hose connection "CUT" (~ 18.8)
- 1 Aluminum hose adapter ~ 18.8
- 1 Beechwood shaft (length approx. 32cm) with "Flash" refinement
- 1 Removeable steel inner tube with threads (total length: approx. 32cm)
- 1 Steel downtube (length: approx. 29cm, with the thread to connect to the inner tube)
- 1 Ash plate made of aluminum, diameter about 24cm
- 1 Carbon2 mouthpiece in black
- 1 Aluminum head adapter (to be connected by thread to the inner tube)
- 1 Terracotta tobacco bowl "Masta", with head gasket
- 1 Glass bowl "Blue 30CM" plug-in
- 1 rubber gasket for plug-in-bowl
- 1 black Soft-Touch silicone hose

Total height: about 76cm

155,87 EUR
107,22 EUR
 (16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)

Disc-4tex Glass Bowl Blue Disc-4tex Glass Bowl Blue Disc-4tex Glass Bowl Blue Disc-4tex Glass Bowl Blue
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