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"Fire" Saphire No. 5 Bowl

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The dimensions of the "Fire" Saphire No. 5 Bowl:

Height: ca. 9cm
Entire diameter: ca. 9cm
Diameter bottom: ca. 5cm
Depth of tobacco pool: ca. 2cm
Diameter hole: ca. 11mm
Material: Clay, glazed

Made in Germany

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Ash plate INOX engraved "Motif Toba"
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This product is compatible with:

White Rubber Grommet for bowl adapters

White Rubber Grommet for bowl adapters

Rubber grommet for ceramic tobacco bowls.

Height: ca. 1,8cm
Width: ca. 2cm

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Red WSP1 ELOX 730 D-Helix Red 2S

Red WSP1 ELOX 730 D-Helix Red 2S

The Red WSP1 ELOX 730 D-Helix Red 2S consists of:

- 1 Aluminum Plug-In Base with Closed Chamber and
- 1 Hose connection "CUT" (~ 18.8) of INOX
- 1 Hose adapter ~ 18.8
- 1 Shaft of real beech wood, pickled, (length approx. 32cm) with
- 1 Removeable steel inner tube with threads (total length: approx. 32cm)
- 1 Steel downtube (length: approx. 29cm, with the thread to connect to the inner tube)
- 1 Ash plate made of aluminum, diameter about 24cm, with washer (about 8.5cm
- 1 Aluslim mouthpiece
- 1 Aluminum head adapter (to be connected by thread to the inner tube)
- 1 Terracotta tobacco bowl "Masta", with head gasket
- 1 Glass bowl "Red WSP1" plug-in
- 1 rubber gasket for plug-in-bowl
- 1 black silicone hose

Total height: about 76cm

149,90 EUR
119,92 EUR
20 % / 29,98 EUR
Product discount: 20 %
 (19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
Black ELOX Tradi-Line Red 2S

Black ELOX Tradi-Line Red 2S

Details to the Black ELOX Tradi-Line Red 2S von Kaya Shisha:

Black anodized aluminium

1 Smokestem-SET ELOX Tradi-Line red with Plug-Connections
- Closed Chamber
1 "CUT" Hose connection, 1 Valve lid
1 Glass Bowl "Black 30CM"
1 Silicone hose set with Aluslim mouthpiece
1 Removable downtube to plug
1 Ash plate, red anodized
1 Tobacco bowl

Entire height: ca. 78cm


129,90 EUR
89,99 EUR
 (19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)

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