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Three Kings quick lighting hookah charcoal 40mm, 1 Packing Unit

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Three Kings quick lighting hookah charcoal 40mm, 1 Packing Unit
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1 packaging unit (PU) Three Kings quick lighting hookah coal

Content: 10 rolls of 10 charcoal tablets
Diameter of the tablets: 40mm
Burning time: approx. 45 min
European quality product


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Product no.: tk40VE

Three Kings hookah charcoal in tablet form. Self-igniting, fast and practical. The quick lighting charcoal tablets from Three Kings are pressed from coal dust and are mixed with fast-inflammatory powder. The maximum burning time can be approx. 45 minutes. With a diameter of 40mm, the charcoal tablets are suitable for most tobacco bowls.


Grasp a Three Kings charcoal tablet with a suitable tool e.g. a coal tongs. Heat it with a lighter or a match for a few seconds. Attention! The tablets ignite quickly! After ignition, blow carefully at the coal and place it in a suitable container. Wait a bit, until the fire accelerant has burnt off and the coal has cooled sufficiently. It should be completely covered by a white ash layer.


- Easy handling
- Quick to use
- Long burning time
- Hardly any taste
- No further accelerator required


- Do not put halfway burned coal on the tobacco bowl! This can cause a biting taste!
- When lighting, do not hold the coal in your hand. Do not touch after lighting! There is a risk of burns.
- Do not dispose of coal residues in the trash or trash! After use let the coal completely burn out and allow it to cool down (possibly extinguish ash residues with water) and then dispose of.

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Three Kings quick lighting hookah charcoal 40mm, 1 Packing Unit Three Kings quick lighting hookah charcoal 40mm, 1 Packing Unit
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