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Bigg Ice Rockz, Ice - Fresh, 120g

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Bigg Ice Rockz, Ice - Fresh, 120g
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Brand: Bigg Ice Rockz
Volume: 120g
Made in Germany

Flavor: Bonbon, mint/menthol

4,99 EUR

19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

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41,58 EUR per 1 kg
Product no.: IRifr

The BIGG Ice Rockz allow you to enjoy smoke-rich smoking sessions without any nicotine. BIGG Ice Rockz vapor stones are made of a porous, highly absorbent material and are delivered soaked in an aromatized fluid. When you are using vapor stones, no tobacco is burned unlike during usual smoking sessions. Instead, the vaporization of fluids takes place, here, with the liquid in which the stones are soaked in. The fluids are inhaled in the form of vapor.

The used ingredients originate from Germany guaranteeing the high quality of BIGG Ice Rockz.

How to use BIGG Ice Rockz:

  • Mix your BIGG Ice Rockz thoroughly before use
  • Fill the vapor stones into the tobacco bowl, cover the latter with perforated aluminum foil and place you glowing hookah coal on top (alternatively use a Heat Manager)
  • Wait 1 - 3 minutes for the Ice Rockz to heat up

Tip: For the longest possible operating life, constant heat (not too hot) is necessary

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This product is compatible with:

Red Trumpet ELOX 730 Tradi Maple 2S

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The Red Trumpet ELOX 730 Tradi Maple 2S consists of:

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- 1 Removeable steel inner tube with threads (total length: approx. 31cm)
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- 1 Ash plate made of aluminum, diameter about 24cm, with washer (about 8.5cm
- 1 Aluslim mouthpiece with black silicone hose
- 1 Aluminum head adapter (to be connected by thread to the inner tube)
- 1 Terracotta tobacco bowl "Masta", with head gasket
- 1 Glass bowl "Red Trumpet" plug-in

Entire height: ca. 82cm

139,90 EUR
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20 % / 27,98 EUR
Product discount: 20 %
 (19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)

Bigg Ice Rockz, Ice - Fresh, 120g
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This Product was added to our catalogue on Monday 19 March, 2018.

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