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BRASS Piece Parts
BRASS Piece Parts

Shisha BRASS Edition

The Brass Edition Hookah consists of the Kaya-Shisha designed glass bowl and a brass smoke-stem. This special smoke-stem, made completely from brass sets this hookah aside from others on the market.

The Brass Edition does not only appear upscale, it certainly is. Over half of its properties consist of copper, turning it into a very hard and durable metal, which is important for the Brass Edition as to avoid the stripping of threads. Even with heavy usage, this material stays well protected and nice looking for an extended amount of time.

Another extremely important specialty of the BRASS EDITION is the Click and Lock System of the smoke-stem. The Click and Lock System replaces the conventional thread and fastens the smoke-stem to the bottle.

The Click and Lock System bears a metal pin, which is placed into a nut. Turned slightly, this tightly attaches the smoke-stem to the bottle. This technique is one of the few innovations that are appreciated by nearly everyone.

To match your choice of bowl, we provide a wide array of colour coated brass smoke-stems to meet your style.

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01. White Rubber Grommet for bowl adapters

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02. Brass Glass Downstem KIT

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03. Downtube with Fine Thread (M18xM1) 26cm

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