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ELOX Eco 590 Forcer Black 2S

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ELOX Eco 590 Forcer Black 2S
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Details about the Elox Eco 590 Forcer Black 2s by Kaya-Shisha:

1 Smoke column set, Forcer black
with 18.8 mm glass ground joint and adapter
1 Base with click closure
  - 1 Hose adapter
  - 1 Valve
1 Ash plate Ø approx. 20 cm
1 Hookah bowl, clear
1 Color matching silicone hose, 150 cm
1 Mouthpiece, approx. 30 cm
1 Terracotta tobacco bowl
1 Bend protection hose spring
1 Set of gaskets
1 Stainless steel carbon tongs, 22 cm

Total height: 59 cm

The delivered article may differ slightly.

from 77,89 EUR

16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

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Product no.: 91132
Your name on your hookah!

For only 10.00 Euro service charge we will engrave your name or a short text on the ash plate, the base or the mouthpiece of this hookah. For important information and examples click HERE.
Quote the text you wish to have into the edit field. Please consider the number of characters, choose the target location on the hookah -and thats it! (The delivery time may extend 5-10 days.)

We let off steam - ELOX ECO Forcer

The black ECO Forcer from the Kaya Shisha ELOX series is a medium sized water pipe with smoke stem set made of colored anodized aluminum. The piston-shaped, colorful anodized shaft is connected by a screw thread with the downstem through the base and thus forms the centerpiece of the hookah. The base has two hose stations with fixed valves, one of which is equipped with a hose connection. The second is closed by means of a valve cap, but can be upgraded to another connection.

Simple and fast setup

The hookah bottle is connected to the base via a click closure. In the process, two grooves in the interior of the base engage in the joints of the thread on the hookah bowl. With less than half a turn, the smoke stem is already firmly attached to the glass.

Smoke stem with glass ground joint

The smoke stem features a conical ground joint with 18.8er standardized glass ground joint. In combination with the associated male 18.8er adapter, this allows the use of molasses catcher* or ornamental glass shafts of the same joint size.

Low noise level

The ECO Forcer includes a downtube with diffuser tip upon delivery. The diffuser is connected via a screw thread with the downtube. When used with the diffuser, the shisha splits large smoke bubbles of smoke inside the water, increasing the contact and cooling effect and additionally reducing the noise level.

*Please note:

The pictured molasses catcher is for illustrative purposes only and is not part of the delivery.

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Blackend Saphire Power Bowl RT

Blackend Saphire Power Bowl RT

The dimensions of the Blackend Saphire Power Bowl RT:

Height: ca. 8cm
Entire diameter: ca. 7cm
Diameter bottom: ca. 4cm
Depth of tobacco pool: ca. 1cm
Material: Clay

The delivered item might differ slightly from the photograph.

14,57 EUR
9,99 EUR
 (16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)


Mushroom Glass-Shaft and Molasses-Catcher 18.8 or 29.2

Mushroom Glass-Shaft and Molasses-Catcher 18.8 or 29.2

Details about the Mushroom Glass-Shaft 18.8

Length with Cut: ca. 18cm
Length without Cut: ca. 15cm
Width: ca. 9cm
18.8 male > 18.8 female

Details about the Mushroom Glass-Shaft 29.2

Length with Cut: ca. 19cm
Length without Cut: ca. 16cm
Width: ca. 9cm
29.2 male > 29.2 female

With Konik head adater employable as molasses catcher!

from 24,27 EUR (16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
Hose Adapter for ELOX ECO Hose Connection

Hose Adapter for ELOX ECO Hose Connection

Hose adapter for ELOX ECO hookahs by Kaya-Shisha.

Different colors; Black, blue, red
Material: anodized aluminum
Cut section: ca. 2.5cm

The size does not exactly fit a 18.8 cut and is therefore only suitable for ELOX ECO!

from 3,80 EUR (16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)

ELOX Eco 590 Forcer Black 2S ELOX Eco 590 Forcer Black 2S ELOX Eco 590 Forcer Black 2S ELOX Eco 590 Forcer Black 2S ELOX Eco 590 Forcer Black 2S
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