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Clear ELOX 635CE XL Cut Red 360 Grad 4S

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Clear ELOX 635CE XL Cut Red 360 Grad 4S
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Details about the Clear ELOX 635CE XL Cut Red 360 Grad 4S by Kaya-Shisha:

1 Smoke stem-SET ELOX XL Red with Click-Lock and cut tobacco bowl adapter (formerly KONIK)
- 360° thread part on the bottle, steplessly turnable in both directions
- Base with Closed Chamber
2 Hose connections with 18.8 "CUT", upgradeable to 4
1 Glass bowl "Clear 635CE"
1 Hose-SET with color-matching silicone hose and aluminum mouthpiece 
1 Downtube with removeable slithole diffusor and enlargement piece
1  Terracotta tobacco bowl with Chimney Top Set

Entitre height: ca. 105cm

The delivered hookah might differ from the photo lightly.

from 175,90 EUR

19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

Bestand knapp

Product no.: 98162
Your name on your hookah!

For only 10.00 Euro service charge we will engrave your name or a short text on the ash plate, the base or the mouthpiece of this hookah. For important information and examples click HERE.
Quote the text you wish to have into the edit field. Please consider the number of characters, choose the target location on the hookah -and thats it! (The delivery time may extend 5-10 days.)

The "360°"- Hookah owns a link between thread and base, which makes it possible, that you can rotate the upper part as you like in 360 degrees, without moving the glass bowl. ABSOLUTE NOVELTY!!!

The base has a so-called Closed Chamber, which reduces its volume. This makes it easier to blow out the stale smoke after longer smoke breaks, and makes it easier to suck in the fresh smoke. The base has two hose connections with 18.8 mm CUT hose adapters. Two other valves are closed with a lid, but can be retrofitted to connections.

The beautifully shaped shaft of the smoke column ends up in a tobacco bowl adapter with cut section, formerly called KONIK. It also has a 18.8mm cut piece, supported by two expansion rings, which prevent the expansion of the metal and the glass when heated. Because the cut head adapter allows the use of a glass molasses catcher, which can be easily inserted in between. It keeps the molassesof the tobacco from dripping into the column and polluting it or reducing the smoking pleasure.
The dip tube (or downtube) is divided into three parts. They are not tediously screwed together, but material-friendly plugged into each other:
The downtube itself (about 13cm), an extension piece (about 3cm) and a slithole diffusor (about 3cm).

A color-matching hose set consists of an easy-care silicone hose and a cooling aluminum mouthpiece.
The tobacco bowl of terracotta lets the shisha tobacco unfold its full flavour, and with the chimney bowl set, the filling and firing of the tobacco bowl becomes a pure pleasure.

Additionally, the 635CE glass bowl has a swale in the bottom to place an LED light.

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Clear ELOX 635CE XL Cut Red 360 Grad 4S Clear ELOX 635CE XL Cut Red 360 Grad 4S Clear ELOX 635CE XL Cut Red 360 Grad 4S Clear ELOX 635CE XL Cut Red 360 Grad 4S Clear ELOX 635CE XL Cut Red 360 Grad 4S Clear ELOX 635CE XL Cut Red 360 Grad 4S
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