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Tradi Clear ELOX Tradi-Line Red 2S

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Tradi Clear ELOX Tradi-Line Red 2S
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Details to the Tradi Clear ELOX Tradi-Line Red 2S von Kaya Shisha:

Black anodized aluminium

1 Smokestem-SET ELOX Tradi-Line red with Plug-Connections
- Closed Chamber
1 "CUT" Hose connection, 1 Valve lid
1 Glass Bowl "Tradi Clear plug-in"
1 Silicone hose set with Aluslim mouthpiece
1 Removable downtube to plug
1 Ash plate, red anodized
1 Tobacco bowl

Entire height: ca. 78cm


129,90 EUR
109,99 EUR

19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

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Product no.: 99184

The Tradi Clear ELOX Tradi-Line Red 2S by Kaya Shisha is traditional and at the same time innovative. The "Tradi Clear plug-in" glass is a modern variant of well-tried shisha bowls. Together with the beautiful matt-metallic smoke column, it forms a harmonious yet exciting overall picture. The material that makes up the metal parts of the whole column of smoke and the mouthpiece is red anodised aluminum, which makes the shisha very light. At the same time, this aluminum is not so prone to water.
The color of the strong red looks very noble and is repeated in the aluminum mouthpiece.
The base has a so-called closed chamber, which reduces its volume. This makes it easier to blow out the somewhat stale smoke after longer smoke breaks, and makes it easier to suck in the fresh smoke. On the base a hose connection with 18.8 mm CUT hose adapter is attached. Another valve is closed with a lid. The valves are plugged in - not screwed!
The Tradi shaft is also attached to the base with a ground joint. And even the dip tube is no longer screwed in the counterpart, but merely plugged. Thank PLUG!

In addition comes as standard a tobacco head made of clay, an ash plate made of red aluminum and also a red aluminum dip tube. Overall, this hookah of the ELOX Tradi-Line has a height of approx. 78cm.

The supplied hookah may differ slightly from the photo.

Note on cleaning:

Do not clean the glass in the dishwasher! The golden color can thereby dissolve and be irreparably damaged!
To clean the glass, use a suitable cleaning agent, such as our TipTop hookah cleaner.


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Tradi Clear ELOX Tradi-Line Red 2S Tradi Clear ELOX Tradi-Line Red 2S Tradi Clear ELOX Tradi-Line Red 2S Tradi Clear ELOX Tradi-Line Red 2S Tradi Clear ELOX Tradi-Line Red 2S Tradi Clear ELOX Tradi-Line Red 2S Tradi Clear ELOX Tradi-Line Red 2S
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