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Purchase Advice - Hookah

With the huge supply of water pipes on the market it is often difficult to keep track to make a reasonable purchase decision. The following information should show what is important when you buy a hookah and give you a rough overview.
For every price range, diverse scenes and tastes there are products that are more or less recommended. The following purchase advice exemplifies what good equipment can do.

  • What to look for when buying
  • Suited hookahs for beginners and advanced smokers
    • The hookah for beginners
    • The hookah for experienced smokers and connoisseurs


What to look for when buying:

With hookahs rule number one is: appearances may be deceiving. A reasonable-priced hookah, that looked splendid in the store, may show its true self after a few weeks, as soon as it rusts and starts to leak. A hookah, though not solely responsible for the gained smoking characteristics, is the centerpiece of any smoker´s session. That is why you should take your time, when you want to buy one - a purchase should always be well thought-out.

You can orient yourself by some rules that may help you to buy the right hookah:

  1. Don´t judge a book by its cover! Even the seemingly noblest hookah can be of inferior quality.
  2. Pay attention to the material! If possible, pick up the smoke column and check if it is solid. Water pipes made of thin tinplate do not cool the smoke properly and are leaking quickly.
  3. See if there are sharp edges and poorly processed weldseams! These are features of overall poor  processing.
  4. Check if the glass is thick enough! If the glass is too thin, it can easily break during the transport. It should definitely be thicker than a drinking glass.
  5. Get information about its suitability from reliable sources! Pay attention when you are buying products online. Check if the indicated data meet your requirements, if the product images and detail images match or even get some advice from experts at reviews or in appropriate online forums.

Do not let yourself be persuaded to buy a water pipe that does not meet the criteria above or your own demands!


Suited hookahs for beginners and advanced smokers

In the following, we will introduce you to two shisha models, which are recommended for beginners as well as for advanced smokers for various reasons. It is exemplified in what the benefits and disadvantages of each product to assist you in your purchase choice.


The hookah for beginners (ELOX ECO Tower)A blue colored ELOX ECO Tower hookah

Hookahs of the ELOX ECO edition are low-priced Kaya Shisha water pipes that cost between 55 and 70 euros. The workmanship is not perfect, but solid and quite sufficient for the average consumer. Depicted is an ELOX ECO Tower hookah. At about 80 cm, the ECO Tower has a good size. Since 50-70 cm are generally considered a good average height for hookahs, this model belongs already to the somewhat larger waterpipes. Due to the extended way of the smoke and the large bowl, which holds an adequate amount of water, the smoke is cooled and filtered, while its taste remains quite strong. 

The smoke column of the water pipe can be dismantled into two parts: in the decorative part above the bowl up to the head connection and in the downstem, which can easily keep up with the processing of a Nargilem.

By means of a screw thread, the smoke stem is placed on the bowl, whose glass walls are sufficiently thick. The hookah bowls are usually coated, which means they should not be cleaned in the dishwasher but by hand to ensure the will not be damaged by the sharp cleaning agents. However, with the darker coated versions of this hookah, it can become somewhat difficult to find the right water level at a first glance.
An advantage of the click thread is that with its help the hookah can be easily disassembled. That way it becomes easier to clean due to its good accessibility, so it can collect less dirt and rust.

About the scope of delivery:

The scope of delivery offers a ready-to-smoke shisha kit: The hookah is already delivered with a China head, which is perfect for beginners. An additional chimney easens the handlicg of hookah charcoal and is well suited for simple but effective setups. Also the supplied standard hose made of silicone is compared to artificial leather hoses far more hygienic in use, as it can be better cleaned.

The smoke column: It is very massive, with a large inner diameter and clean processed threads. However, you should always pay attention to whether the threads have been deburred well, otherwise there may be a risk of cutting yourself when you dismantle it e.g. for cleaning.

Downstem: very solid, sufficient material thickness, clean worked thread, large inner diameter for good airflow

Bowl: good wall thickness, mediocre finish, downside: difficult to estimate water level

Thanks to the good quality and a nice airflow, which is achieved by wide smoke paths and junctions, this hookah is well suited for beginners, but also for advanced smokers or as a second hookah.


The hookah for experianced smokers and connoisseurs (INOX Stellar)

INOX hookahs are high-quality hookahs, which, in contrast to the broad mass, are made neither of cheap sheet metal nor of anodised aluminum, but of stainless steel.
Kaya uses 304 stainless steel for these hookahs, which has an increased chromium-nickel content. The increased chromium and nickel content in the steel, make it corrosion and heat resistant, as well as resistant to acids and stainless.
The individual metal components of these hookahs are manufactured in Turkey, while the glass bowls are produced in EU countries and processed by us in Germany.

Kaya INOX Stellar hookah with four hose connectionsINOX hookahs are located in the higher price range starting at 130 euros. Hookahs of the INOX Stellar edition can be purchased starting at 139.90 euros.
The workmanship is rock solid. The height of an INOX Stellar can be around 65cm and thus corresponds to the average height for medium sized hookahs.
The smoke column can (just like the El Keyif) be disassembled into its component parts. The threepartite downstem is equipped with an extension piece as well as a pluggable diffuser endpiece. The latter splits the smoke bubbles and distributes them in the water. That way, the noise level drops when you are inhaling.
Hookahs of the INOX Stellar series usually have a click closure, with which the smoke stem set is screwed onto the bottle. The smoke stem itself has an 18.8mm ground joint on top. This enables you to equip the hookah with glass accessories such as molasses catchers.
INOX Stellar hookahs feature either two or four hose stations.
Depending on which one of those you order, either one or two of the hose stations are equipped with a 18.8 CUT hose connection. These connections are sealed by means of a joint section without sealing ring. The others are equipped with closed hose valves.
The glass thickness of the used bottles is sufficiently thick and stable. The bowls are mostly clear or at least feature high transparency , so you can determine the water level within the hookah at any time.

About the scope of delivery:

If you are buying an INOX basic model, the delivery DOES NOT INCLUDE a ready-to-smoke hookah kit. Only the basic elements consisting of bowl, complete smoke column set and ash plate are delivered.
That way, as a customer, you have the free choice of extending the hookah after your liking with suitable heads or hoses.

Only when you buy a complete INOX Stellar 2S or 4S you receive an additional tobacco bowl, silicone hose as well as one mouthpiece. Further accessory is not included UNLESS it is mentioned in the product description.

Smoke column: This thing is heavy and massive. All screw threads are neatly processed and deburred - of course, however, care must be taken here and there, too. Especially when the hookah is new, the outer edges may be sharp under certain circumstances.

Downstem: Threepartite. Solid, good material thickness, clean worked thread, with large inner diameter for a good airflow. Delivered with an extension piece and a plug diffuser endpiece.

Glass bowl: Depending on their respective edition a sound wall thickness, good workmanship, with threads glued directly here in Bremen, Germany. Advantages: mostly featuring a high transparency to determine the water level. Clean and leak-tight. Locally finished. 


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